The basics..

FS Assistant started out pretty simple for us to try out trying to get direct access to Flightsim's inner workings and for addon aircraft as well. We decided to release early to get folks up and running with it as soon as possible. Although the software is well tested, it might be because of this reason that you encounter some bugs. Please report them! We will release regular updates to get eather the module or the App more stable, so keep checking for updates in the Appstore as well as this page for the server component! Besides gettings things stable we are working on new content as well. A more worked-out version of the moving map and chart browser are on the todo list, as well as simulating more systems and tools (think radar contact or IVAO clients for instance). If you have anything to add please let us know !

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Home  FS Assistant is distributed via the Apple Appstore.
FSX Assistant is distributed for the Ipad2 through the Apple AppStore